Building an e-commerce solution is incredibly unbelievably extremely astonishingly easy with DirectClear.

DirectClear offers the leading e-commerce platform that lets you setup your online store quickly. Our customers benefit from a rich set of features that let them use at every customer touchpoints, and reach their target audience globally - all in one seamless solution with rapid setup and cloud scalability.

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Our Features

Full hosted and managed

Makes your store available, day in and day out.

Centralized control panel

Rich set of features managed centrally.

Beautiful themes

Choose from our vast collection of beautiful responsive themes.

Customize your brand

Customized themes to suit your brand.

Blazing fast data loading

Next generation technology stack combined with the best practices

Simplified logistics

simplified logistics solutions from the best providers across the globe.

Social media ready

Easy integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

and more...

For e-Commerce potential to be harnessed effectively, you need to execute an array of services - Store Design, Merchandising, Catalogue, Marketing, Logistics and Consumer experience in a right way. Our e-Commerce manager will enable you setup and run a successful eCommerce business conveniently and reliably. We bring deep domain expertise and passion to ensure that our customers get all eCommerce elements spot on.
DirectClear Social Commerce enables you and your customers to communicate directly about products, trending topics, and other issues. You can create your own online community, use established social networks, and add to your existing range of product information by incorporating direct feedback from customers.
DirectClear Web Content Management System (WCMS) is a powerful tool for creating, managing, editing, and publishing content across all touchpoints.

We're not the only ones excited happy cheerful about our integration modules.

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